The Lewes Ripple is a unique platform for local musicians and performers. We promote established acts and nurture / advise new ones with the same even hand. All types of music are welcome at the Ripple and if you have creative ideas then do get in touch. We may be able to help you realise them.

No doubt it’s been a tough couple of years for the Ripple. We saw fourteen events including two music festivals go down the tubes due to the pandemic. But it wasn’t all bad news: we delivered three sold out Summer Lightning shows at the Con Club; got eight acts onto the Ripple stage at the Brewhaven Craft Beer Festival; sourced acts for the Plumpton Moon Festival, as well as acts for Dalliance at Depot and several other local venues.

Pam and de Femmes – Teraz Jest Wojna

And then there’s our newly refreshed YouTube Channel. Addressing the issue of how to play when venues are closed, the Ripple responded to the Covid-19 Lockdown with regular booster shots of specially recorded videos. Not only a source of entertainment but also a great place for acts to show their wares. There’s a lot to discover and enjoy. We’ll post newly uploaded videos here on the homepage, but you’ll find more on the individual bands and artists pages.

The featured film is Teraz Jest Wojna (Now It’s Wartime), written by Stanisław Grzesiuk during WW2 in Warsaw, Poland. He borrowed the old Mexican mariachi tune ‘Cielito Lindo’, written by Quirino Mendoza y Cortès in 1882. The song features in the film ‘Zakazane Piosenki’ (Forbidden Songs) directed by Leonard Buczkowski in 1946. Here Pam and de Femmes perform their version at Depot Cinema, Lewes, in June 2022.

You may need the subtitles!


When promoters come to us to supply performers we guide them through links to this resource. It’s a valuable tool for presentation as well as a continuing archive of Lewes music in these troubled times. For events not generated by ourselves we take no percentage for supplying acts so they get the entire fee. All copyrights remain with the composers and performers – the Ripple simply provides the platform free of charge.


We are currently working with Splashpoint in Seaford to bring regular jazz back to Lewes. We have recently commissioned a team of electronic composers/film makers to deliver a number of site-specific installations in early summer. Check our Facebook for regular updates. We are always seeking content – just get in touch. So that’s the Ripple today – not a closed loop but an ever-expanding sequence of possibilities for the future.

”Use it or Lose it” is what people say

We’d rather you used it.