Magnificent Kevens

The Magnificent Kevens (in their own words) are a shameless busking troupe and a walk about band who prefer to play amongst an audience rather than on a stage. They’ve built a bit of a niche for themselves roaming festival sites and engaging their audience in different locations, often in places where they least expect it.

They cover many genres of music, shamelessly pummelling your favourite tunes and guilty pleasures in their shambolic skiffle style.

It’s been said that you can trace the The Magnificent Kevens back to a skip, their battered instruments have played many tunes and tell many stories. Under their shambolic appearance there belies many heady decades in the industry.

While spreading the joy, they like to leave nothing to waste and reuse and upcycle almost everything that they can… They like to think their footprint is low but their impact is high!