Lewkulele has been meeting weekly since 2013 when a few brave friends, with no previous experience of, or interest in, playing a musical instrument, were persuaded that they should take up the ukulele, and unwittingly started changing the cultural landscape of Lewes.

Where once evenings around this genteel Sussex town had resonated with the sound of orchestral, chamber and choral ensembles, there began to be heard the uncoordinated strumming of ukuleles – and much uncontrollable laughter.

But, amazingly, from those humble, stumbling beginnings has emerged Lewkulele, a weekly session where up to 30 strummers meet to play, sing, laugh and drink – not necessarily in that order and certainly not simultaneously.

Lewkulele have been stalwart supporters of Lewes Food Banks appearing regularly, come rain or shine, outside Waitrose, Aldi or Tesco throughout 2020-22. Here they are outside Aldi. They also performed a memorable summer concert in 2021, in the lovely Southover Grange Gardens. here’s a video from the event: