Concept of Thought + Blues Jam

6th May 2019, The Royal Oak, Lewes

Brighton/Lewes-based Concept of Thought will be Rippling Upstairs at the Royal Oak in the evening from 8:00pm and down below in the bar there’ll be a non-stop Blues Jam from 7 until 11pm. All welcome and it’s all free!

Concept of Thought have recently welcomed Daisy Drage to the gang. Her unique, mesmerising vocals and powerful lyrics offer a new element to their sound. Both illiterate and Awfer have been very close friends with Daisy for many years so thought it would be a perfect idea to get her on board the crew. She features on their latest EP “Misty Blue” and is going to have a more prominent role in future projects.

Misty Blue is currently generating a lot of interest. The project was entirely produced by Birmingham musician and beat-maker Joe Corfield, who has already made a big name for himself in the last few years and this project has definitely made a significant impact on the contemporary perspective of music as well as a breath of fresh for UK hip-hop.

At times metaphorical and always poetic, it’s no surprise that COT kept honesty and wisdom at the forefront of their lyricism throughout Misty Blue, while still maintaining the same heat we know and trust to expect from a Yogocop release. The album opens with it’s title track, first released on the 14th of June 2018 alongside visuals by Brothers of the Mud. Something about the track ‘Misty Blue’ differs from the rest of the album. While still feeling in place with every other song, the oriental sounds entwined within the beat create a sense of calm and freedom, and that’s exactly the message that’s conveyed throughout each verse. We’re welcomed into the song with dreamy vocals from Daisy Drage, followed by an opening verse from Awfer that invites us to reminisce, and reminds us to appreciate each moment and thing surrounding us. Illiterate holds true to what he does best, infusing observations of daily life with his own insight and wisdom. Both paint lyrical pictures of the landscapes they call home.

Take a look, they’re amzing: