Summer Lightning #2

8th August 2021, Lewes Con Club

Pam and de Femmes, Night House

The only problem with this concert is that it didn’t happen. Cancelled at the last moment due to Covid-19. But we want to remember the amazing ‘Hyra’ sculpture on the poster: the title ‘I’m Still Here’ felt especially appropriate after almost a year of cancelled concerts. The concert was re-scheduled (sadly without Night House) as part of Summer Lightning #4.

You can find out more about the Hydra here:

It was constructed for an exhibition by Koestler Arts at the Royal Festival Hall in 2018.

What’s it like having a loved one in prison? The ‘I’m Still Here‘ exhibition featured artwork entered into the 2018 Koestler Awards for arts in criminal justice. Curated by families supporting someone inside, each family selected artworks that illustrate their experiences. Their exhibition featured a diverse range of art, writing and music being created by prisoners, secure patients and detainees, as well as people on community sentences, across the UK.